November Pest – House Fly

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Are Flies Coming in your Home?

House fly
Do you find yourself chasing flies around your house, swatting at them like a crazy person, swatting your kids and your pets, knocking things over.  These house flies are such a nuisance.  Where are they coming from?  How are they getting in my house?  Why are they coming in my house?

As the cold sets in here in Missouri, the cluster flies, fruit flies, and house flies aim to seek out warm, moist places where they can access food.  In the late summer and fall, they start to cluster together on sides of walls to soak up sun and stay warm. As temperatures cool, these flies will look for warm areas where they can remain dormant for long periods, so they will find cracks under baseboards, windows, around fans, and lights as access points into your house.

These flies will not damage anything or cause harm to you. They are however disgusting, filthy, and annoying and there are safe ways to wipe them out of your home.

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