We are your best pest control company in the area.

You can rely on us to protect your home and family from common household pests.
Pests and Termite Control can pose a real and serious threat. Now you can put your mind at ease and make your home safe from any more damage or unsanitary conditions that could arise from bugs and pests.

Plank Termite & Pest Control will make your home safe again.

We have several different residential pest control service packages we offer our customers. These services can be done as a one time service or we can tailor fit one of our Perimeter Guard Programs that works best to fulfill the pest elimination that fits your needs.

  • All of our pesticides are environmentally child and pet safe.
  • Plank Pest prides ourselves on doing a better job than our competitors while at the same time giving our customers the best price.
  • We are experts in termite control, FHA/USDA/FDA termite inspection reporting, cockroach exterminating, house ant control, carpenter ants control, rodent removal, bedbug treatments, brown recluse spider control, spider control, ladybug control, flea control, lawn spray for fleas, lawn sprays for ticks, hornet removal, wasps removal, carpenter bee removal, and many many more. There isn’t a pest we can not control and exterminate for you.
  • Plank Termite & Residential Pest Control is an authorized operator of Sentricon Complete Termite Elimination System. Sentricon only allows a select few pest control operators to carry this great product. It is a great honor for us to be offer this to our customers. There is no better tool to protect your most valuable position your “HOME” against termites, the most destructive pest in America.

How the Sentricon System works

Comparison of liquid termite treatments to Sentricon

Please call us with a question about your problem, even if you are not purchasing our services.

Be aware that pests can cause:

  • Painful and harmful bites on humans and pets
  • Carry diseases and viruses into your home
  • Contaminate and eat household food and spread germs
  • Damage your home and ruin plants and flowers