Termite & Pest Inspections

A necessary part of any real estate purchase

Termite, Rodent, and Pest Assessment

Our WDO termite inspections, include an inspection for termites, and all wood-destroying organisms. It is performed by a certified licensed termite and pest control inspector. This service is a very important part of buying a home, it could save thousands of dollars in repairs and just over all headaches, while giving the buyer the peace of mind knowing that they have had a thorough inspection of their new home.

Do you need a Termite Closing Letter?

The termite closing letter is an essential part of any real estate purchase. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is recommended to have the home thoroughly inspected by a certified licensed professional every year.

Plank Termite and Pest Control has worked side by side with the real estate industry for over 22 years with fast and effective service, specializing in termite closing letters.