Cricket infestation in the house?

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Cricket infestation in the house?

Dealing with crickets, cricket infestation, crickets in house, or the chirps chips cricket sounds?

Additional common pest control issues that we often see in September are crickets.

September Pest Crickets

Are Crickets a Problem?
Crickets can build up in large numbers, and an infestation can actually be harmful to your health and property.

  • Like many insects, Crickets spread disease such as salmonella and other dangerous illnesses and parasites.
  • Crickets can cause a lot of damage.  Because they eat fibrous keratin, they are able to chew leather and some fabrics, causing damage to your property.
  • The chirp, chip sound of crickets can make it very difficult to sleep.  As the infestation grows, so will the noise.

To prevent a cricket infestation, here are some things you can do to make your property less attractive to crickets:

  • Keeping your yard trim will reduce areas where crickets can linger and find areas to nest, as they like the shade from tall grasses.
  • Crickets prefer dark, moist places.  Be sure you have proper ventilation in problem rooms like bathrooms and basements, and take care of spills, leaks, plumbing issues, that lead to excess moisture.
  • Keep windows and doors screened and sealed, as crickets can hop or fly inside.

Don’t take a chance on an infestation of crickets. If you suspect that you have crickets in the house, Plank Pest can help determine your level of risk to an infestation with a thorough inspection.

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