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*Customer Service

Plank Termite & Pest Control is a full service Residential and Commercial pest control management and exterminator company.

With over 18 years of experience, our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best pest control company in the area.

Our goal is this: to make sure we are giving our customers exactly what it takes to make sure the job is done right and the customer is satisfied.

  • We are not like the big pest control companies.
  • We hand pick each and every one of our service technicians.
  • We put them through extensive training that is an ongoing and daily process.
  • Our team of experts can solve your pest problems and keep you “pest-free.”
  • We don’t treat our customers as a number but as a person. We believe that you must build a relationship with them and provide them with trustworthy and dependable service.

We are experts in termite control, FHA/USDA/FDA termite inspection reporting, cockroach exterminating, house ant control, carpenter ants control, rodent removal, bedbug treatments, brown recluse spider control, spider control, ladybug control, flea control, lawn spray for fleas, lawn sprays for ticks, hornet removal, wasps removal, carpenter bee removal,  and much much more at low cost to you.

All of our pesticides are environmentally, child, and pet safe.

Plank Termite & Residential Pest Control is an authorized operator of Sentricon Complete Termite Elimination System. Sentricon only allows a select few pest control operators to carry this great product.  It is a great honor for us to be offer this to our customers. There is no better tool to protect your most valuable position your “HOME” against termites, the most destructive pest in America.

Please call us with a question about your problem,
even if you are not purchasing our services.

Our goal is to help you and make sure you are getting the best service possible.

*Quality Assurance

All of our work is guaranteed with our exceptional quality assurance.  Our experts will make sure you are completely satisfied and the results you deserve and expect! Your 100% satisfaction is our 100% guarantee.

We provide customized solutions to fit your needs:

* Complete Termite Control, and House Ant Control
* Wasp Removal and Hornet Removal
* Accurate FHA, USDA, FDA, Termite Inspections with Report
* Rodent Removal and Exclusion
* Bed Bug Treatment Extermination
* Cockroach Exterminator
* Brown Recluse Spider Control and Spider Control                                                                                                                                                  * Flea Control and Lawn Spray for Fleas                                                                                                                                                                              *Lawn Spray for Ticks

*Perimeter Guard Pest Control Plans

Click for Perimeter Guard Pest Control PlansPerimeter Guard Pest Control Plans are designed to give our customers the best protection possible year round from any pest problems.

We offer these services at a low cost to fit any budget!

This allows you to have peace of mind – knowing that you are protected from pests all year round.

You have enough problems to worry about – leave your pest control problems to the professionals at Plank Termite and Pest Control LLC!

Give us a call today to inquire about our low cost Perimeter Guard Pest Control Plans and pick one that fits best for you.

No problems, no pests — We guarantee it!

We service most of the central Missouri area including: Belle, Bland, Boss, Bourbon, Bunker, Cherryville, Crocker, Cuba, Dixon, Edgar Springs, Fort Leonard Wood, Huzzah, Iberia, Leasburg, Lebanon, Licking, Montauk, Newburg, Owensville, Richland, Rolla, Salem, St. James, St. Robert, Steelville, Sullivan, Viburnum, Vichy, Vienna, Waynesville and other communities.

As a professional pest management company,
we are State Licensed and Fully Insured.

Act today for Termite Control, FHA/USDA/ FDA/Termite Inspections, Bed Bug Treatment, Cockroach Exterminator, House Ant Control, Rodent Removal (Mice/Rats), Brown Recluse Spider Control, Spider Control, Flea Control, Lawn Spray For Fleas, Lawn Spray for Ticks, Wasp Removal, Hornet Removal, Lady Bug Control, and much much more!
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Your 100% Satisfaction is our 100% Guarantee!
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