Perimeter Guard Pest Control Plans

Perimeter Guard Pest Control Plans are designed to give our customers the best protection possible year around from any pest problems. We offer this service at a low cost to give you a peace of mind knowing that you are protected year around.

You have enough problems to worry about – leave your pest control problems to the professionals at Plank Termite and Pest Control LLC!

Contact us today to inquire about our low cost Perimeter Guard Pest Control Plans and pick one that fits best for you.

Perimeter Guard General Pest Control:

With this treatment program we guarantee to keep you home pest free of of ants, bees, wasp, spiders, mice, roaches, centipedes, lady bugs, beetles, crickets and much more.

How its done:

  • We start by treating the interior of your home, shops, and garages.
  • We will treat 3 foot up on your home and 10 feet out, which includes shrubs, under decks, and in your soffits. We also will do what most companies won”t do – we treat your CRAWLSPACE where most PEST PROBLEMS occur, especially spiders!
  • This program eliminates pests BEFORE they can enter your home. In most cases eliminating the need for the interior of your home to be treated over and over again.
  • Easy, no hassle scheduling. Scheduling that allows you the freedom of not even having to be at home.
  • Although our services and techniques are the best around, sometimes things just happen. If they do we have you covered! With your 100% satisfaction being our 100% guarantee, we offer unlimited amount of re-treatments for all of our Perimeter Guard Services. If you develop a covered insect problem in between treatments, we will come back at any time and treat your property at not additional cost to you.

Perimeter Guard Plus Termite Control:

With this program you will get the same Perimeter Guard General Pest Control treatment keeping your home pest free AND you will also get our Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. This system has a lifetime warranty, as long as you keep your service current.

Termites cause Billions of dollars in damage each year to homes like yours. Preventing termites today will save you thousands of dollars tomorrow.

There is no stopping them from getting to your home – especially in MO.

If you were to go out in your yard and pick up some pieces of wood, or even in some cases just turn over some patio rocks in your flower bed, you will find termites. At any time these pests could find their way into your home.

With our Perimeter Guard Plus Termite Control care we will give you a warranty against termite damage up to $250,000.

Perimeter Guard Plus Mosquito Control:

With this Perimeter Guard Plus Mosquito program you get all of the great features of the Perimeter Guard General Pest Control and Perimeter Guard Plus Termite Control (if so desired) but we will also REDUCE THE MOSQUITO population down to almost non-existent! Making your lawn a great out-door adventure once again!

We will do a thorough and complete inspection of your property and then set up the right program that will perfectly fit your needs.

Just think of having a family outing outside with out being driven off by these pesky insects – or having to worry about the spread of disease.