Termites are common and destructive pests that cause damage to our homes and buildings, making it crucial to choose the right treatment plan that will effectively eliminate them for good. Two popular ways to exterminate termites are bait station systems and liquid termite treatments.

Liquid Termite Treatment involves drilling holes in concrete inside and outside the home and then pumping the chemical into the ground to create a barrier around the home. Although effective, this treatment has several drawbacks. It requires drilling holes into concrete, digging, and trenching around the home, through flower beds and other areas that are against the home. The treatment barrier must be complete around the perimeter with no gaps, or termites will still have access to the home. Liquid treatments are not recommended for structures close to a body of water, well, or cistern. Termites do not carry the poison back to the colony, and this treatment requires large amounts of chemical, in some cases 100 gallons plus, which can be toxic to the environment. This treatment can also be costly, 2 to 3 times more than bait stations.

Bait stations are a more natural way to eliminate termites. By placing them around the perimeter of the home, they take advantage of the termites’ natural habits of searching for food to feed their colony. There are several benefits of termite bait stations.

Termites prefer the Sentricon bait over wood, and the active ingredient in the bait prevents termites from molting, helping to eliminate the colony. Unlike liquid treatments, bait systems allow workers to carry the deadly dose of bait back to their colony, eliminating the entire colony. Sentricon Complete Termite Elimination system is eco-friendly and provides ongoing structural protection for the life of the home. No drilling concrete, digging or trenching around the home is required. The bait stations set flush to the ground, keeping them from being an eyesore.

Sentricon eliminates the colony unlike liquid termite treatments, which only act as a barrier. Liquid treatments allow the termite colony to survive, continuing to find a way to access the home.

Plank Termite and Pest Control is a Sentricon certified specialist. We carry Sentricon because it is the number one Termite bait station elimination system. Sentricon exterminates termites and eliminates the entire colony or colonies that are around your home for good. Installing Sentricon bait stations is quick and easy. It will be a decision that you will not regret. Sentricon is the clear choice and the only termite protection your home will ever need for the life of your home.