Termites are common and destructive pests that can cause significant damage to our homes and buildings. It is crucial to treat them and choose the proper treatment that effectively kills and eliminates them for good. Bait station systems and liquid termite treatments are two popular and effective ways to exterminate termites.

Liquid termite treatments involve drilling holes in the concrete inside and outside the home and pumping chemicals into the ground to create a barrier around your home. This treatment can kill termites instantly if they are exposed to the chemical. However, it has some drawbacks. Termites can still pass through gaps in the barrier, and only those exposed to the chemical will be killed. Moreover, the termites don’t carry the poison back to the colony. This treatment also requires a large amount of chemicals, in most cases, at least 100 gallons, making it more expensive and possibly toxic to the environment. It can be costly, too, 2 to 3 times more than the bait station treatments.

On the other hand, Bait stations utilize the termites’ habits of searching for food and bringing it back to their colony. By placing bait stations into the ground around the perimeter of your home, when termite workers reach the bait, they eat the bait because termites prefer bait over wood. The bait inside the station has an active ingredient that prevents termites from molting, and reproducing which they need to survive. The workers then carry the deadly dose back to their colony, which eliminates the entire colony. This is unlike the liquid termite treatment, which only acts as a barrier and allows the colony to survive and continue to find a way to access your home.

Plank Termite and Pest Control is a Sentricon-certified specialist. Sentricon is the number one bait station system for termite control elimination of the entire colony. Installing Sentricon bait stations is quick and easy: a small hole is drilled into the ground, and the bait station is placed in that hole. That’s all there is to it. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. That’s why Sentricon is the clear choice and the only termite protection your home will ever need.