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Ants were invading by the hundreds, tried several off the shelf products and they didn’t seem to work. Placed a call to Planks, they showed up on time, briefed me on their plan of attack and then went to work. The service man was polite and professional. If we have any additional pest problems I’ll be calling Plank Termite & Pest Control.
Ron Metzgar


Plank Termite and Pest Control has always done a great job for our family. They are pleasant easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend to any and as a matter of fact I have.
Johnny Paul Cummins

Plank Termite & Pest Control LLC is a top notch company, knowledgeable, always on time, easy to work with. Great company A++++
Tom Vines

I called 3 different companies rid me of Brown Recluse spiders. They would treat my home but it was like they did NOTHING, the spiders were still here! I finally called Plank Termite and Pest they came and took care of the spiders the 1st time. Not only did the kill the spiders they were cheaper than all the rest. These guys know what they are doing!
Anthony Campbell


Plank Termite and Pest Control are very professional knowledgeable and what they do works. Hands down best company in the area.
Mitch Beck


Very polite, very professional, great explanations. Looking very forward to working with them for out pest control needs, also very generous with their billing and deals. Will definitely come back to this company and will recommend them to anyone that has any pest problems. Thank you guys, and I deeply appreciate your considerate, caring business!
Devon Ruble

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We service most of the central Missouri area including: Belle, Bland, Boss, Bourbon, Bunker, Cherryville, Crocker, Cuba, Dixon, Edgar Springs, Fort Leonard Wood, Huzzah, Iberia, Leasburg, Lebanon, Licking, Montauk, Newburg, Owensville, Richland, Rolla, Salem, St. James, St. Robert, Steelville, Sullivan, Viburnum, Vichy, Vienna, Waynesville and other communities.

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Your 100% Satisfaction is our 100% Guarantee!
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