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Bed Bug Treatment Options – Conventional VS. Heat

Conventional and Heat treatments have their advantages and disadvantages.

We at Plank Termite and Pest Control LLC have used both variations.

From our experience of over 18 years in the pest control business
we find that the conventional method works the best.

Not only does a Conventional  Treatment do a better job at ridding you of bed bugs, but it is also much more cost effective – and a whole lot less invasive to you and your family.

Heat Treatment

* During heat treatments you have to bring the temperature of the structure up to 125 to 145 degree Fahrenheit. You then need to keep it there for at least 90 minutes. It takes 6 to 8 hours to accomplish this task, if you can get it there at all.

* Heavy preparation of your home. Standing furniture up on end, and in awkward positions so the heat can penetrate your furniture, bed etc.

* During the process some of your personal belongings could become broken or ruined by being melted from the extreme temperatures. With all the movement of your personal belongings some of them can be broken or misplaced.

* In most cases a chemical treatment will have to be applied anyway.

* Heat treatments leave no chemical residual, meaning any bed bugs that were not eliminated with the treatment can go on with their business like nothing every happened in the first place.

* Not discreet at all. Large trailers of equipment and several people on your property makes neighbors and competitors wonder what is going on.

* Mostly with all the expensive equipment and all the technicians needed to do the HEAT TREATMENTS THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE!

Conventional Treatment

* Less invasive on your family, home, and pets.

* At the most 2 technicians is all that is needed, and in most cases just one will do the job.

* Takes a quarter of the time that a heat treatment does.

* There will be a residual pesticide once the treatment is complete. If any bed bugs make it through the conventional treatment the residual will get to them even weeks after the treatment has been completed.

* Less chance of any of personal belongings being broken or misplaced.

* No worry of fire or damaging things in your home from the extreme temperatures.

*Inexpensive compared to heat treatments.

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